2019 Referendum

Success! with a resounding YES, for a PERMANENT thrift store on campus!

Our referendum question: Do you support the AMS establishing a refundable fee of $0.95, to contribute to the establishment of a permanent thrift store location on campus?

The referendum has passed with a majority YES vote!

Get Thrifty is an entirely volunteer-run currently a series of monthly pop-up thrift shops. The shop is completely donation based and run by UBC students and neighboring communities, and all items carefully curated to decrease waste by encouraging sustainable and cyclical usage, and subsidize various costs for students and staff alike.

The thrift store will sell items such as books, misc. household items, and sanitized clothing.

Eventually, the thrift shop will also be a location used to promote student art, music, and organizations that support sustainability and student culture.

Thank you for all of your support!