Please note that these are unpaid positions! Project Imagine is a non-profit that is entirely run by student volunteers.


Graphic designers (2)

This role will be the engine for Project Imagine’s design and innovative edge. We are looking for individuals who are creative, detail-oriented, efficient, and able to meet deadlines under pressure. Your responsibilities will include creating design and graphic content for our advertisements, newsletter, and social media, as well as supporting other teams in creating attractive content. Please be prepared to show us your best work(s). This is a great chance to grow and hone your design skills with the plethora of projects and outreach opportunities that Project Imagine has to offer!

Required skills:

  • Proficiency with Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Experience with Figma is an asset
  • Availability to complete projects on a weekly to bi-weekly basis with an expectation of graphic submission within 48 hours of assignment
  • Working familiarity with Instagram squares, Facebook banners, and general posters

Some examples of what we expect:

Marketing Coordinators (2)

This position includes the management and marketing of our Facebook, Instagram, and website. You will be responsible for posting and monitoring the performance of Project Imagine’s online content across each platform on a weekly basis. You are willing to work closely with our graphic designers to develop, research, and brainstorm for the most effective content – this is not limited to digital marketing.

Required skills:

  • Manage weekly posts for Facebook and Instagram
  • Weekly Instagram stories to promote donations, engagement, etc.
  • Create and promote Facebook events (e.g. monthly pop-ups)
  • Attend marketing meetings to assist with deliverables for photoshoots
  • Assist with launching and gaining an Instagram following for the new Get Thrifty Instagram

Some examples of what we expect:

Curators (2)

Are you a fashion lover? As a curator, you will pick outfits for our photoshoots on a weekly basis. You must have a keen eye for current and different styles (ie. vintage, street, chic, boho). To get a sense of your preferred aesthetic, we require that you provide a list of your favourite lifestyle blogs/influencers (Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, etc.). You must style both men and women. You are also responsible for fitting the models leading up to the shoots, if required. Dress to impress, we look forward to seeing your own personal style!

Some examples of what we expect:

Videographer (1)

As videographer for Get Thrifty, you will attend the pop-ups and document the event or event prep (e.g. behind-the-scenes footage). You must release a monthly highlight video (20-30 seconds) of either a photoshoot, pop-up, or both. This is subject to change once the permanent store opens. Please submit examples of your work during the application process.

Required skills:

  • Proficiency with Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, or other video-editing software
  • Experience with photoshoots an asset

an example of what we expect:

Photographers (2)

Events Photographer:

You will attend the monthly pop-ups to capture content for our social media streams. You must be able to follow Get Thrifty branding to achieve a consistent aesthetic and cohesive image. We require 10 edited images per month to be used as Instagram squares. These can be photos of current clothing, members of the team working at events, and customers during the event (try to avoid their faces), and internal socials/icebreakers.

Photoshoot Photographer:

You are required to host a monthly photoshoot. Before each photoshoot, you will help craft a design brief including the outfits, models, and concept (e.g. fall casual, summer chic). You are required to produce at least 10 edited photos from each photoshoot, all of which must be brand-cohesive, tasteful, and consistent.

Required skills:

  • Proficiency with Lightroom, Photoshop, VSCO, or other photo editing software
  • Experience in studio settings (backdrops, props, lighting)

some examples of what we expect:


Social Coordinator (1)

You are the glue that holds our quickly growing team together! As Social Coordinator, you will organize mixers for our members at least once a semester. Some of our past events have included board game nights, Airbnb getaways, and team dinners. We would love to hear your ideas on how we can facilitate more interaction within our ever-growing family!

Events Staff:

As a part of the events staff, you will be required to commit at least 2-3 hours a month to facilitate the monthly pop-ups. At the pop-ups, you must process purchases, steam clothes, and tidy up around the store. We also want to hear suggestions and feedback on how to improve store operations! Leading up to pop-ups, you must share the Facebook event at least once, either through your Instagram or Facebook. Don’t forget to invite your friends! wing family!