Project: Get Thrifty

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"To create to a central location for the UBC student community."

This idea, during its original conception, manifested simply in the form of opening a thrift store in the Nest. However, after taking a step back and looking at it from a broader perspective, we realized we had the potential to make something much more meaningful.

As current students of UBC, we have observed that UBC’s current student environment has cultivated a somewhat ‘cliquey’ quality. Due to the decentralized nature of the university, and the sheer size of the campus, students tend to become more isolated unless they are in a club. As such, a club culture has been created in which if you are not in a club, you are not part of something, and therefore, you are un-categorized. 

However, while many people want to be involved on campus, many don’t feel like they fit in, or are ready to commit to one specific club. This has had a negative effect on the student community as a whole. Addressing this narrative is important in the ever-present struggle to maintain student wellness during a time when issues of mental health are finally coming to light.

Similarly, we have noticed that while many clubs hold like-minded values, concepts, and goals, they rarely directly connect. They are independent, with isolated communications, and do not function together as a whole.

Therefore, we want to unite the campus through a real, visual, and physical core.

Preliminary Design

While searching for a permanent location for Get Thrifty, we will be hosting pop-up thrift shops on a monthly basis!

Check out our first thrift shop pop-up
in the Life Building!