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Get Thrifty 2020
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To promote sustainability and create a central location for the UBC student community.

In our hyper-consumerist society today, we are constantly obsessed with buying new and discarding old without a second thought. While this may appear harmless, it has a tremendous impact on the environment. At Project Imagine, we believe that there is a need to address this issue, especially as climate change becomes an increasingly pressing matter. It was from this strong belief, that we established Project Get Thrifty. 

At its very core, Get Thrifty is a campus thrift store, that will not only address the high volume of discarded items on campus and raise climate change awareness, but also encourage students and faculty members to adopt a more sustainable and affordable lifestyle. 

However, we’re determined to make Get Thrifty more than just a thrift store. After taking a step back and looking at it from a broader perspective, we realized that we had the opportunity to create something that would address sustainability while also becoming a means of connecting the community together. 

We want to create a thrift store that will help the environment while also acting as a central location that showcases student art/music and fosters partnerships between clubs. 

In March 2019, Project imagine ran in the Alma Mater Society (AMS) referendum to raise support for our cause. We asked students the following question: 

“Do you support the AMS establishing a refundable fee of $0.95, to contribute to the establishment of a permanent thrift store location on campus?” 

We received overwhelming support, and with a majority of students voting “YES” for us, we successfully passed the AMS referendum.

Since then, Project Imagine has been working tirelessly alongside the student and university administration in actualizing our project. We have finally negotiated a location for the thrift store, and are now currently working on developing concrete plans and renovation designs! Look forward to seeing us in the basement of the Life building.


Get Thrifty team invites you to join us at our new home in the basement of the Life Building (RM 0016)! Find us across the hall from the ARC. We are also constantly accepting donations, so if you have any lightly-used items you wish to give a new home to, email us at ( or find us on social media.